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Yonex Sunrise India open 2017: Sindhu beats Saina to enter Semi-final


Our Rio Olympics medalist PV Sindhu is our one of the favourite player. We had supported her till now in all the matches. But now it’s a confusion time because our favourite Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu are the players of one game i.e. they are against each other in Yonex Sunrise India open 2017 Quarters.

This same situation happened in 2014, but at that time Saina Nehwal somehow managed to beat

PV Sindhu. But as the quote is, “TIME IS THE BEST HEALER”. Now things have changed. That normal player PV Sindhu had now become a rio Olympic silver medal holder. This is how the things are different from the previous years and now. It had gone a tough time for the audience to select one player from both of them mentioned above as they both now had become favourite players of all age group of people. They are the youth’s inspiration and mainly for girls. They are the examples to prove that girls can become something if they are allowed to do what they want and if there is family support they can each heights of success.

In this game Saina Nehwal was the first to first eight after the outstanding player pornpawee chochuwong. Saina had won the game as she scored 9-9 in the first round. In the second round she scored 21-14. And in the final round she had scored 21-12. In this way she had included her name in the INDIA OPEN 2017. The same way PV Sindhu had entered. It only means that the smart work passion and attentiveness of the player. She had played using her short work. And that short work is needed when one is playing in the game. It’s too hard to play MENTALLY+PHYSICALLY and that also in tournament.

It is a challenge to play like this. She had thrashed Seena Kawakami. She is a wonderful player of japan which was defeated by our silver medalist PV Sindhu with her amazing short works. She had beated her in just 40 minutes of the game with the score of 21-16, 23-21.Like this she had entered in the top eight position of the quarters.

In the game of Quarters 2017 in which PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal was against each other;

PV Sindhu had beated Saina Nehawal at New Delhi court with the score of 21-16, 22-20.Even though Saina attacked her younger opponent with the harshest of smashes. Sindhu opened up a six point lead at 18-12 in the first game and it was easy from there on.

Sindhu-Saina is not a new rivalry. But we played after a long time in a super series event. Rivalry is always there on the court but off court we are Normal friends. – PV SINDHU

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