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Soo Tech Zhi was defeated by Pannawit Thongnuam – THAILAND INTERNATIONAL

Thailand’s international challenge was one of the most awaited challenges in the badminton. NUAMIt has been always full of excitement and thrills and twists. Its semifinal round was on 5th may 2017.

Its semifinal round was between SOO TECK ZHI and PANNAWIT THONGNUAM. It was an amazing game between them. In this game Soo Tech Zhi was defeated by Pannawit Thongnuam. Pannawit is a male badminton player who plays in men’s singles and has ranked No.5 position in the world ranking on badminton. He was glad after the match as after defeating Soo Teck he had got an entry to reach the international final. It was for the first time that he had entered into any international game’s finals. He had admitted that in the last years while playing badminton game he had concentrated more upon the shots that resulted into the failure of every international sport and now see how happy see. People always had underestimated the player Pannawit. Now in the games and tournaments he had changed his mentality from concentrating on shots and had fixed his mentality upon smartness and mindset to play smartly. This is the first success and result of Pannawit. He had gone through several injuries in the past and didn’t lose his hope in playing the tournament and coming in finals. This all happened due to his hard work and also the mindset. He had loosed so many tournaments in past. But now all that old matches score will not be considered as the success on Thailand international. It is because winning with hard work and honesty always defeats laziness and failure.

Now lets see what happens in Thailand International Finals. Either Pannawit Thongnuam wins this finals and make a history or will lose the game. To know about it stay connected to

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