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From 11th April to 16th April there was the OUE SINGAPORE OPEN 2017 of the World’s Outstanding shuttles at the Singapore Indoor Stadium. It is the most wonderful and amazing Indoor stadium and was well known for her drift.

OUE SINGAPORE OPEN 2017 was organized by the Singapore Badminton Association (SBA) and part of MetLife BWF World Super series. It was the most awaited match for the Shuttlers and the badminton lovers all over the country and world. It had been taking place for more than 30 years. The World class players and the most top speed players like Saina Nehwal, Wang Yihan, Sun Yu, Lee Chong Wei, Lin Dan, Kento Momota, Boonsak Ponsana, Tommy Sugiarto, Simono Santoso had also played in the game.

On friday the match was between the most loved shuttler i.e. P Sindhu versus Carolina Marin. As we all know that Carolina Marin is the World’s No.3 player and PV Sindhu is the world’s No.5 player. She had beated PV Sindhu in the RIO OLYMPICS 2016. And PV Sindhu had beated Carolina Marin in INDIA OPEN 2017. So now it was head to head game.

The match started with so many hopes and desires. In that game Marin beated PV Sindhu by the score of 11-21, 15-21. Marin had broked Sindhu’s momentum in the game and doesn’t allowed her to momentum to came back in the game. By winning the game Marin had booked her place in the semi-finals. It was the scene of Women’s singles and in Men’s singles; Kidambi Srikand amazingly won over he class player Ihsan Maulana Mustofa and tooked his place in the semi-finals.

The finals of the SINGAPORE OPEN 2017 SUPER SERIES was held on 16 April 2017. In men’s singles the finals war took place between the two Indian shuttlers i.e. KIDAMBI SRI. KANTH & B SAI PRANEETH. It resulted as SAI PANEETH won over KIDAMBI in the super series. It was the proud moment as the winner and the runner up both of them were Indian. He beated him in 54 minutes of the game. He won over him by the score of 17-21, 21-17 and 21-12.

In the women’s singles the final war was between TAI TZU YING & CAROLINA MARIN. She won over Marin by defeating her by the score of 21-5, 21-15. She had don’t it by her amazing blocking the shots of Marin in the game. She had played very smartly and had maintained her momentum.

B SAI PRANEETH and TAI TZU YING had won men’s singles and women’s singles in the SINGAPORE OPEN SUPERSERIES 2017 and had created a record by the amazing result by defeating both the class players by the tricks and mind set. It happened only because of their hard work, practise, patience, controlled mind set, tricky shots, smart works and desire. B SAI PRANEETH was the INDIAN shutter and TAI TZU YING was the CHINEESE shuttler. Both of them had created a new record in their badminton career and had won one of the important titles.

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