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India Open 2017: PV Sindhu beats Sung Ji Hyun to enter final

PV Sindhu’s dream goal of playing a tournament match of badminton with the Rio Olympics Gold Medalist, the top speeder “CAROLINA MARIN“. Now her goal of playing a match with Marin is going to full fil. It is because she had defeated SUNG JI-HYUN today in semi-finals with the score of 21-18, 14-21, 21-14. Tomorrow will be the finals of the INDIA OPEN 2017 in which the RIO OLYMPICS GOLD AND SILVER medalist will be against each other.

Today’s semi-final match i.e. SUNG JI-HYUN versus PV SINDHU had started with the levelling score of 3-3. After that it was Sung Ji-Hyun who had made a lead of +3 points i.e. 6-3. But

Sindhu didn’t panic and balanced her game with her amazing cross court smashes and had balanced the score in the match. Now the score was 7-7 and the momentum of the match was in the hands of Sindhu as her shots were at incredible angles and they were so power full. Then in the mid of the game Ji-Hyun made a lead of +2 points. The game was running neck to neck but after some time Sindhu had taken the lead with the score if 15-11.The Korean player’s hope seemed to be losing, but she began to make her momentum, by seeing this Sindhu accelerated the game by giving Ji-Hyun backhand smashes. Then Sindhu took the score to 21-18, and won the first round. The 21st point was completed with an amazing smash.

Ji-Hyun, the South Korean player and World’s no.3 best player had proved herself by playing amazingly in the second round as she had taken the lead in the beginning of the game and she made Sindhu run all over the court. When Sindhu began to gain her momentum, Ji-Hyun had already made score 11-6. Like that Ji-Hyun continued her momentum in the game and won the second round with an amazing lead of 21-14.

Now moving on to the decision making round. It was now the final match to win the semi-finals.

The third match was not so easy for both of them as it was the only way to the finals.

Sindhu somehow managed the momentum and lead in the game with her finest shots and fast backhand smashes. Sindhu had made a lead and continued her momentum in the game. Sindhu won the third match with the lead of 21-14 which was a big lead. It was now clear that Sindhu had qualified for finals and which is now going to happen tomorrow with the Rio Olympics Gold Medalist CAROLINA MARIN. The finals is at the SIRI FORT COMPLEX which is in DELHI.

Sindhu had got now her way to the finals. She was so happy that her dream match is now going to happen tomorrow. We all are now waiting for tomorrow’s finals. What’s going to happpen? Who is going to make her momentum in the game? Who is going to make a lead? Will be the game neck to neck or it will be finished with the high lead? All question’s answer we will get tomorrow. All fans of badminton are eagerly waiting for finals. The finals is on

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