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HS Prannoy beats Parupalli Kashyap in US Open Grand Prix Gold

24th June was the match of all India final; through which the players were decided to go to the US Open Grand Prix Gold tournament. It was awaited by many players as this is the biggest tournament among all other matches. This was the chance to all players to prove themselves to the badminton history and to add one more certificate and position in their badminton scorecard.

Our India’s favourite players: Prannoy and Kashyap came in India’s final round. From that match we came to know about the player who is going to fight and play for country

The match was very interesting and both of them played nicely. But according to this match, Pranoy played very smartly than Kashyap.  was a thrilling game as Prannoy beated Kashyap, who was

the winner of the Common wealth Games.

In the round 1:-

* Kashyap’s and Prannoy’s score was 7-1 because of Kasyap’s amazing and powerfull smashes which were back to back.

* Prannoy made the score gap smaller and brought the gap to 9-12. Prannoy did this wih his back to back points in the round 1.

* Then at one point both of them came to the score of 15-15.

* Then Prannoy started playing tricky and smartly and he had started playing mind games and he taked back to back to back points. He won the round 1 which was the result of his back to back

shots ans cross- court smashes.

* The round ended with the score of 21-15 i.e. Prannoy won the round 1.

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In the round 2:-

* This was little pressure round for Prannoy as well as Kashyap as both of them were playing very good compared to previous round.

* Kashyap was playing pefectly and was making pressure on Prannoy continously which leaded to the score of 14-9.

* Then one Prannoy earned one point and the score became equal to 15-15.

* Then Prannoy earned points and the score leaded to 20-18.

* But Kashyap somehow managed and with his tricks and shots he made the score 20-22 and won the round 2.

In the round 3:-

* It was the pressure round for both of them as on the basis of this round the player would be selected for the further tournament.

* In this game Prannoy was playing better than Kashyap.

* Prannoy was not giving Kashyap a chance to earn points.

* Prannoy played perfectly and defeated Kashyap with the large score difference of 21-12.

* Hence, Prannoy made his place in the ‘US Open Grand Pix Gold’ from India and he will play further in this tournament representing India in men’s singles.

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