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Highlights INDIA OPEN 2017: PV Sindhu triumph over Carolina Marin

Today was the finals of the India Open 2017 which was between the Rio Olympics Gold medalist and World’s No. 1 shuttler  “CAROLINA MARIN” and the Rio Olympics Silver medalist “PV SINDHU“. It was held at Siri Fort Complex, Delhi. This was the dream match of PV Sindhu which came true today. She wanted to have a tournament against Carolina Marin. In today’s match it was the test of both of the shuttler’s psychological ability. PV Sindhu came to this finals by defeating Sing Ji-Hyun in semi-finals on Saturday i.e. 01-04-2017.

It was quite struggling for Sindhu to win over Sung as she is a player who does not give any easy points to the opponent player. That match took exactly 1 hour and 16 mins to get complete. Then Sindhu came nearer her goal of a match with Carolina. It was an epic match today. It took exactly 47mins for PV Sindhu to win over Carolina Marin which was not easy. She defeated her with the amazing score of 21-19, 21-16.

In round one Carolina opens her account but Sindhu rushes her score to 3-1 i.e. +2 points lead. Then in the further game Sindhu continues her momentum and makes her leads to 6-1. But then Carolina makes +3 points i.e. the score is 4-6 now. Then Sindhu makes her points to 7-5. Now then at interval the score was 11-9 i.e. Sindhu was leading with +2 points.

Then after the interval also she maintains her momentum in the game. As Sindhu did in her previous match she did an amazing speedy smash which made her leads by +2 points i.e. 14-2. This round 1 ended with the score of 21-19. Sindhu won the Round 1.

Now it was important for Sindhu to win the round 2 also as this round will makes all difference in the finals. In round 2 Sindhu played very calmly and smartly. She didn’t lose her patience and played well and she didn’t given any easy points for Carolina. It was very interesting game as it was very critical point for both of the players.

She played well and doesn’t allowed Carolina to take a lead in the match. All practise and dedication of Sindhu came into use today. Her practise and dedication was the result of the match as she won the match with the score of 21-16 against the World’s No. 1 Badminton Player Carolina Marin. It was a golden moment for PV Sindhu and her near and dear one’s and for the fans and for the people of India as our Indian player won the tournament of INDIA OPEN 2017. This time it was the opposite of the Rio Olympics 2016.

This time PV Sindhu got the gold medal and the Calorina Marin got the silver medal. Our PV Sindhu was the winner and Calorina Marin was the runner up. It was the proud moment for Sindhu and was the 2nd most important win in her sport’s career. First was the Rio Olympics 2016. PV Sindhu had won the hearts and hopes of all and won the tournament as now she was the only hope after Saina Nehwal got out in the game. She was the only hope for all fans of the badminton of our country whose favourite player was PV Sindhu. She is now getting better and better as the days are passing and as the tournaments are going on. We all are waiting for the day when she will be known as the World’s NO.1 Player. She is getting the youth’s inspiration and motivation. ALL THE BEST FOR PV SINDHU FOR HER CAREER FROM ALL HER FANS.

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