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BWF World Superseries: HS Prannoy beats Chen Long in BWF Tournament

Today was the match between India’s H.S. Prannoy and China’s Chen Long.  It was very interesting match which was waited by many badminton lovers. It started with a lot of excitement and curiosity. Both of them were fully prepared for the BWF World Superseries. Both of them had practised a lot for this BWF Tournament.

It was very interesting game and it was neck-to-neck game.  They both had their own tricks and techniques for their game. They play very tricky game. They had very strong mental game running in their mind with the game which they were playing.

China’s Chen Long

Round 1: It started with full energy and both of they took points alternatively. They were playing with full concentration and they were enjoying the match. No sign of nervousness was there on their face. It was 23 minutes long game. The game point reached when the score was 17-20(Chen-Prannoy). Then Chen got 1 point due to the drop mistake by Prannoy. But then the score got up to 18-21 and the first round finished and India’s Prannoy won the round.

Round 2: In this round the Chen was little powerful then Prannoy. Chen played very tricky in this round due to which the game point reached at the score of 20-16(Chen-Prannoy). The Chen got one point and the round 2 finished. He got onne point which was due to the mistake of Prannoy. The Chen played with short drop technique and Prannoy done one mistake in it. His drop strucked in the net so Chen got one point. The round-2 was of 28 minutes.

Round 3: It was the decision making round as both of them won 1 game.The complete details and  score board and the reason is described below.

Chen-Prannoy Reason

1-0 Prannoy smashed but it got wronged.

2-1 Here the cock got out of the back boundary by Prannoy

3-1 Here the shot by Prannoy got strucked in the net

4-2 Prannoy had done an amazing smash

4-3 Chen’s shot got out of the side boundary

5-3 Chen smashed well

5-4 Prannoy gave a short drop shot

6-4 Prannoy’s shot was out of the back boundary

7-4 Chen smashed well

7-5 Chen’s shot got inside the box boundary

7-6 Prannoy smashed well

7-7 The shot by Chen got strucked in the net

8-7 The smash by Prannoy got strucked in the net

8-8 Chen’s shot got strucked in the net

8-9 Chen’s shot got inside the box

11-11 Prannoy mistaken that the cock is outside the boundary

12-11 Prannoy’s drop got strucked in the net

12-12 Prannoy’s smash

12-13 Prannoy’s smash

12-14 Chen’s shot was inside the box

13-14 Prannoy;s shot got strucked in net

13-15 Chen’s smash strucked in net

13-16 Prannoy’s smash

14-16 Prannoy mistaked the cock as outside

15-17 Prannoy’s shot strucked in net

16-17 Prannoy’s smash was outside boundary

17-17 Chen smashed well

17-18 Chen’ s drop strucked in smash

17-19 Prannoy smashed on the Chen’s smash

18-19 Prannoy mistaked cock as outside

18-20 Prannoy’s smash


19-20 Prannoy’s shot was outside the boundary

19-21 Chen’s shot was outside side-boundary

Prannoy won the round-3 with his amazing game plan and techniques and his practise and dedication towards the game. Chen played very well. In short both of them were good. The round 3 longed for 29 minutes. And the match ended and the Indian Shutler H.S. PRANNOY beated CHEN LONG in BWF Tournament.

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