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BWF Super Series 2017: Nichaon Jindapon of Thailand beated Saina Nehwal

Today was the match of the women’s BWF World super series 2017 which was between India’s Saina Nehwal and Thailand’s Nichaon Jindapon. Jindapon and Nehwal are pofessional women’s singles badminton player who plays with their sharp tricks and strong shots.

Today’s match was very tricky and had technical points. It was a neck-to-neck game. And both of them played with their high energy and mind planning. The audience were very curiously watching the game as it made difference with the blink of the eye. The shots were amazingly done and they played with the rules and regulations. The game was between two professionals of different nations.

The First Round:

It started with a lot of curiosity and energy it was very tricky game. Firstly they both were taking points back to back then as the time passed and they came near to the game point the game become more interesting. Then Nichaon Jindapon started playing tricky with her amazing shots with high power and tricks. And then the came game point arrived and Jindapon won the game with the score of 21-15. Saina Nehwalplayed well but losed the first round 6 points.

The Second Round:

It started with nerveousness in the auidence. But both the players had spotsman spirit and they had confidence upon their practice and game tricks. In this game Saina was so powerful that she rarely gave any point to Jindapon. This round was full of energy and Saina played very well. She had beated Jindapon with the amazing score of 21-6. Saina won with the lead of 15 points against Jindapon.

The Third Round:

It started with the prayers and confidence in both the players. Both of them played very well. They used their every available tricks and shots. They were taking points alternatively. They both played with high energy but the foot works and speedy and long backhand shots and low drops took Jindapon to the game point. At that time the score was 15-20. Then the score moved to 16-20 as Jindapon lost one little long but high speedy shot by Nehwal. Jindapon won the round with the score of 21-16 as Saina Nehwal lost to hit the short shot which was very speedy. It was played very tricky by Nichaon Jindapon.

Jindapon played with her speedy footworks and long backhand shots and short forehand drops. Saina Nehwal very well responded to her speedy shots and Nehwal’s shots and tricks were also amazingly commentable. This was the game between two professional women badminton players who has a high fame in the World Badminton Ranking. Nichaon Jindapon of Thailand beated Saina Nehwal of India in BWF World Superseries 2017 by Metlife

and ended up the game with the score of

Round 1: 21-15

Round 2: 6-21

Round 3: 21-16

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