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The badminton player’s most awaited and the most important day is there. The destination Dubai is that day.

It is the most awaited day because it is the result and rank getting day of all the matches and tournaments the player had played and participated in the whole year. Therefore it can be said that it is the fruit of what they saw. The player’s had being practising whole day and night to get a position in the destination Dubai ranking or the BWF Rankings. In this the most awesome and brilliant players get rank according to their performance in the tournaments. It doesn’t shows their disabilities. It is just the result of their practice and concentration and their honesty and passion towards badminton. This is the progress card of their practice and dedication. This is declared every year on the basis of the total net points they earned that particular year in all tournaments.

The result of the Destination Dubai is as follows:-

  1. CHOU Tien Chen from TPE with points 22,040 is at number one position.
  2. Viktor AXELSEN from DEN with points 21,790 is at second position.
  3. LEE Chong Wei from MAS with points 20,350 is at third position.
  4. LIN Dan from CHN with points 18,700 is at fourth position.
  5. NG Ka Long Angus from HKG with points 18,660 is at fifth position.
  6. Tanongsak SAENSOMBOO NSUK from THA with points 17,630 is at sixth position.
  7. WONG Wing Ki Vincent from HKG with points 17.650 is at seventh position.
  8. SHI Yuqi from HKG from CHN with oints 16,180 is at eigth position.
  9. SON Wan Ho from KOR with points 16,180 is at ninth position.
  10. SAI PRANEETHI FROM IND with points 15,460 is at tenth position.
  11. Tzu Wei WANG from TPE with points 14,240 is at eleventh position.
  12. Tommy SUGIARTO from INA with points 14,240 is at telfth position.
  13. HU Yun from HKG with points 14,180.
  14. KIDAMBI Srikanth from IND with points 14,060 is at fourteenth position.
  15. AJAY jayaram from ING with points 13,150 is at ffteenth position.
  16. Brice LEVERDEZ from From with points 12,800 is at sixteenth position.
  17. LEE Dong Kenu from KOR with points 12,680 is at seventeeth position.
  18. Hans-Kristian Solberg VITTINGHUS from with points 12,580 is at eighteenth position.
  19. TIAN Houwei from CHN with points 12,310 is at nineteenth position.
  20. HUANG Yuxiang from CHN with points 12,240 is at twenteth position.

These are the top twenty list of the Destination Dubai 2017 or say BWF Ranking.

The top twenty list includes the most talented shuttlers and players and trick experts

in badminton.

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