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We the fans of badminton might be aware of the asia superseries of badminton. It’s final tournament was between TAI TZU-YING and YAMAGUCHI. In this game, the opponent of yamaguchi was thw world’s top most ranked badmintn player. By saying this only you can guess who it will be. It is non other than our all time favourite TAI TZU-YING. She had played well in that game.

She is known for her fastest footworks and speed and free minded gaming. She had been practicing badminton since her childhood. Its result can be seen from the game records of her career. She had defeated Yamaguchi in 3 sets. In first match Yamaguchi had defeated Tai Txu- ying with the score of 18-21. By as earlier said Tai Tzu-ying always plays calmly and uses her mind a lot.In the other two games she had played very well. She had defeated her with the score of 21-11 and 21-18.

By winning this title she had became the straight six in WORLD SUPER SERIES which incleded all her success which took place in her career from which some of the examples are WORLD BWF SUPER SERIES SINGAPORE OPEN BADMINTON CHAMPIONSHIP on april 16. She is one of the most dedicated player i had ever seen. It can be said as in one tournament she had won and after that she said that “I WILL NOT GET MY TIME TO ENJOY THESE TYPES OF THINGS LIKE PARTYING”. She had always focused upon her career and badminton. Due to these types of dedication only she is placed in No.1 position in the record since december. She had never taken any game for granted and had always considered all games and tournament of equal importance.

Wishing her all the best for her future career. May she get whatever she wanted. And may she will remain in this game or sport.

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