What You Need for Watertight Security at a Sporting Event

Sporting events are massive occasions, especially if you’re hosting a live event somewhere like a stadium that holds thousands of people. As such, security also becomes a serious concern. Tragedies like the FNB Stadium stampede on 29 July 2017 is just one example of the many occasions where an insecure situation developed into a tragedy at these events.

As a result, event organisers are turning to security firms to provide effective event security. What does this type of security entail?

Security for the Parking Area

As the point of entry for most events, the parking area needs to be strictly controlled by security details. Due to the fact that visitors to the event are parking their vehicles here and there is a lot of movement, this is a prime target area for criminals. After all, there is a wealth of opportunity for petty theft, signal jamming or even violent crime in this space.

The activity and general lack of visibility in some car parks also creates an opportunity for illicit dealings, such as drug trading. Yet another reason why security officers need to be present and patrolling at all times.


Security Within and Around the Venue

The venue proper is where the most activity takes place, with visitors either seated or walking around, vendors plying their trade, and so on. While the type of criminal activity mentioned above is less likely to occur here (although still possible), this area is far more prone to issues such as fights. Also, while visitors are focused on the event, this area can also be rife with pick-pockets who are there to prey on people who are too distracted to notice if their wallet or cell phone goes missing.

Regular patrols and a constant security presence are vital here. In cases where the mood of the crowd grows rather heated, experienced crowd management officers can mean the difference between diffusing a situation and having it explode into a tragic brawl or stampede.


Protection for VIPs

VIPs are, as the name implies, very important. Whether foreign dignitaries, sports stars or performers, they will need trained VIP protection when arriving at the venue and moving about. Sports stars who have disappointed their fans are especially at risk at sporting events. So, it is important to have experienced close protection officers on duty who know how to protect their clients.

Have Reaction Teams Ready

While the first duty of event security providers is to prepare for the most likely threats and challenges, unforeseen circumstances are an ever-present reality. For this reason, you mustensure that part of your event security services also entails having reaction units ready to spring into action the moment an issue arises, whether it be a riot, a fight or even a freak accident that brings a car crashing into the event.

Security providers like Apache Security have been perfecting their craft over the years and know exactly what you need for event security. Contact them and let the professionals provide you with the best possible event and VIP security solutions.

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