How to win in online casino slots?

Forget about risky games when you play free slots This function is useless. Never use it if you want to keep bankroll. More precisely, it can be used only if the sum of a prize is small – $5 or $10. For example, it doesn’t influence your bankroll in any way. The main problem is that in most cases similar bonus rounds are intended for increase in advantage of casino. If the online slots machine can give well, then it isn’t necessary to risk even more. You already risk. And especially it isn’t necessary to use risk game in old slots. Most often it will be the copy of an original game (emulator) therefore probability of a prize even. Play only new certified slots:

Stop on wins

Stop of wines – is an antipode to the stop loss. You can think up to yourself any other name – for example stop on a profit or something else. This function is in any modern slot of Netent at a game in the auto-mode. You can specify exact value – for example $100 at which prize a game will be automatically stopped. Why does it become? In order that slots can’t constantly pour. Prizes will move along with losses. And the last will be always more. Therefore you need to establish for yourself a threshold after which a game stops. Let’s say in your bankroll there is $3,000, you play $1, and have taken $300. What has to be a prize that it was possible to be brief? As a rule, everything that it is higher than 20-30% of the sum – is already good. In our case, it is $60-90. In other words: if you have increased the active account by 20-30%, it is already possible to be brief. Yes, it can seem insignificant, but think of similar prizes at a big distance – month, year. Gradually all this pours out in a decent income. But here a lot of things depend on the opinion of the player. From the point of view of the mathematics 20-30%, is already good, but the person can be not agreed with it. It is subjective. Someone will set to himself the object in 50% or 100%. But here it is important to understand that the more the desired profit, the more it is difficult to reach it and the chance of discharge of all account is higher.

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