TAI TZU-YING the name is enough to identify the person as she is famous throughout the world. She is the No.1 Badminton player in women’s singles. She is the world class female badminton player from Taiwan. She is a Chineese player, she is right handed player and her coach’s name is JIANG-CHEN LAI. She had started her badminton career in her earlier age. She had her family support from the starting only. Her parents used to take her to the coaching centre. Her father was a firefighter and the director of the KAOHSLUNG CITY’S BADMINTON COMMITTEE. She had got her first turning Point of her career in 2011 as she had won the TAIWANESE competition. She was the first to won that title at the very early age as it was not a normal thing to achieve that title and position at the very early age. At that time she was only 16 years and months of old and had become No.1 in TAIWAN badminton player. This was the result of her practise and concentration.


When she was 15 year old, she had become the runner up in the VIETNAM OPEN 2009. TAI TZU-YING – THE NO.1 SHUTTLER played badminton in her spare time and had started playing badminton on third grader game and had won the nationwide second division game and she got chance to play in  the first division games. And she was the youngest among all the shuttlers to compete her first division as all the shuttlers was elder than Tai to compete first division.

Then in July 2009 she become the runner-up in ASIA YOUTH BADMINTON TOURNAMENT that was held at MALASIA. In the same year, in December for her Chinese Taipei she had won one silver and one bronze medal at EAST ASIAN GAMES. In 2012 she won first SUPER SERIES in JAPAN OPEN. And in the same year she had won YONEX CHINESE TAIPEI OPEN but she got beated by SUNG JI-HYUN. Then from 2013 she was selected to play in the INDIAN BADMINTON LEAGUE team. In 2013 she defeated Sung Ji-Hyun in BMW SUPER SERIES MASTERS FINALS. She won ASIAN GAMES in 2014 and in the same year she had won NOZOMI OKUHARA of JAPAN. She kept winning the Dubai Super Series Finals. She had won her first gold medal for Chinese Taipei in Super Series.


Then after Tai had won her first international competition and title in 2011 at US OPEN GRAND PRIX GOLD and at that time she was only 17 years old. She had won supertitles FIVE times. In 2014 and 2016 she had won the SINGAPORE SUPERSERIES TITLE. It was the dream of so many shuttlers to win these types of titles and Tai had won that title in 2014 and 2016 also. And in 2017 also she had won OPEN SINGAPORE SUPERSERIES.

She had also won INDONESIA OPEN 2017. She had also won HONG KONG SUPERSERIES two times in 2014 and 2016. She had become WORLD’S NO.1 SHUTTLER IN WOMEN’S SINGLES player (shuttler) in women’s singles by winning INDONESIA SUPER SERIES and the HONG KONG SUPER SERIES. She is the live example of passion and desire and her practice and hard work had taken her to a high level in her career. She never got depressed by loosing any game.

This is the true Sport Spirit. She is the idol of so many youngsters and we wish her for her further future.

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